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Gabrielle Lenhardt

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Gabrielle Lenhardt is an Idaho Native and award winning former collegiate athlete in women’s golf from The College of Idaho. Gabrielle earned her degree from The College of Idaho in Business Administration with an academic focus on current media trends and research marketing, with an additional triple minor in health science, psychology and religion. Experiencing successful business entrepreneurship at a young age, Gabrielle still didn’t feel settled in her bright career path. As a passionate proponent of diet-free living and the intuitive eating movement, Gabrielle knew she wanted to fuse her two-worlds into something tangible…a tool to reach people via technology giving them peace with food. In 2017 Gabrielle joined Amy and Megan as Chief Operating Officers and Co-Founder of the Peace With Food application. When she’s not busy researching the latest marketing trends on social media you can find her and her husband hiking one of the many trails in the Boise foothills, playing golf, or planning where to travel next.

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