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About Us

Peace With Food is building the future of freedom by bringing a paradigm shift to insight about food and the body.

Who We Are and Why

Peace With Food was founded by veteran eating disorder experts Amy Carlson (Registered Dietitian) and Megan Osborne (PhD-level counselor) with a combined 30-plus years experience. As close friends and colleagues Amy and Megan were both seeing the same thing within their private practices: skyrocketing success with their clients finding peace with food. A consistent issue they both saw was that most people did NOT have a clinical eating disorder but a general discomfort and struggle with food. Clients coming through their therapy and finding peace with food would consistently complain… “I have amazing peace with food now but I recognize that none of the people around me do!”

How We Got Here

In 2016 Megan and Amy decided to start their new venture, the creation of a top notch, super-affordable, and technologically accessible application to reach the masses of individuals recognizing that they do not have peace with food…and want it. In 2017 Gabrielle Lenhardt completed the Peace With Food founding team as multilevel media and marketing expert with a passion for the Intuitive Eating movement and desire to see freedom and truth spread via social media. Collaborating with award winning developers and research teams, the Peace With Food App is weaving truth and giving hope to thousands upon thousands of individuals who struggle with food.

The Mission

It's simple... to disrupt the unending diet craze and give legs to the Intuitive Eating movement.


Amy Carlson, MS, RD, LD

Co-Founder & Lead Clinician

Megan Osborne, Ph.D

Co-Founder & Lead Research


Gabrielle Lenhardt

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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